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LIFT workouts are designed to build raw muscle and strength in a small group PT class. Having ZUU in our facility we have the unique ability to incorporate a small percentage of these movements into each workout for mobility. This helps decrease risk of injury while increasing ROM (Range Of Motion) which directly correlates to strength and size gains.

The LIFT classes are programmed cycling a 12 week training block... We use time proven techniques ensuring maximum results for building muscle and strength while keeping you mobile.

THE PACK Incorporating boxing - weights - ZUU and our functional zone, we cycle a very specific program over a 12 week period by building your engine - refining your fuel - increasing top line output covering fundamental athletic performance. Each month we continually layer mental toughness and resilience to your performance while being submerged in our inclusive WOLFPACK culture.

Expect increases in fat loss - explosive power - heart rate performance - cardio conditioning - functional strength - strength endurance - muscle tone - muscle efficiency - mobility.  



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